The Location

Paradise is just one hour away from San Jose.

Driving intruction how to get from the airport to villa caletas. When you leave the airport you turn on your right.

  • Now take the first street on your right.
  • Now you get to an intersection so take your left, now you are on the Interamericana High Way (San Ramón).
  • Continue for 5 mills then you going to see on your right a signs that say Atenas and La Garita or Los Sueños Marriott.
  • 2 mills away you going to see a restaurant name La Fiesta del Maíz, take the 3rd street on your left after this restaurant (this entrance is next to a school). This street is located just ¼ of mill away from the restaurant.
  • Continue straight until you see a big bridge above the street, before you go across the bridge there are 2 roads in front of this one, take the one on your left.
  • Now you are heading to Orotina and Jaco on the new road.
  • On this road you going to go through 2 station where you need to pay $1,20 in each one, after you go through the second station you will see the sign to Jaco, take the first entrance on your right.
  • Continue straight for 12mills (20 minutes), then you going to see a hotel name Punta Leona, from the entrance of this hotel you need to drive 2 kilometers and you will see Villa Caletas entrance on your right.

If you need assistance, please call the hotel’s tours desk directly at 2-630-30-20.

We wish you a safe journey, and hope you enjoyed your stay at Zephyr Palace – Villa Caletas

Transportation : Our concierge can not only arrange your transportation to the hotel from the Airport but also from any other place in the country. Please contact them at concierge@villacaletas.com


  • 15 kms. from Jaco Beach.
  • 8.5 kms. from Playa Herradura.
  • 11 kms from Carara National Par.
  • 85 kilometers from Manuel Antonio National Park.
  • 90 kms from International Airport Juan Santamaría.